Terms & Conditions

  1. This Promotion is open to businesses registered in one of the Territories (as defined at Table 1 below) before the commencement of the Promotion (Participant).

  2. Subject to full compliance with these Promotion Terms and Conditions (Promotion Terms), Participants who purchase a new (i.e. not second hand or refurbished) Qualifying Product (as shown at Table 2 below) between the 15th July 2019 (local time) and shall continue until the 31st December 2019 (local time), (Promotional Period), from a Participating Retailer (as defined at Table 1 below) will be eligible to claim a cashback reward (Reward) as shown at Condition 4 upon trading in a qualifying device (Trade-In Device) as set out at Table 3 below.

  3. This Promotion shall operate in the countries listed in Table 1 below (Territory): Participants must purchase their Qualifying Product from a retailer listed in Table 1 below (Participating Retailer), either instore or online where appropriate:

Table 1 - Territories and Participating Retailers

Country Participating Retailer
Austria Any retailer located within the relevant Territory, except for any third-party marketplace e.g. eBay or Amazon Marketplace.
Czech Republic
Republic of Ireland
United Kingdom

Table 2 – Qualifying Products and Corresponding Rewards

Qualifying Product (SKU) Reward (£) Reward (€) Reward (DKK) Reward (RON) Reward (CHF) Reward (CZK) Reward (PLN)
CHROMEBOX3-N7048U 245.00 250.00 2000.00 1275.00 300.00 6,900.00 1,150.00
  1. For a device to be considered a Trade-In Device it must meet the Acceptance Criteria (defined within Table 3).

Table 3 - Trade-In Devices

Trade-In Device Acceptance Criteria
Any Chromebox Working and complete device with reasonable wear and tear accepted, the device must not be password protected or BIOS locked and must have been de-provisioned (following the process set out at Condition 6 below).
  1. Before submitting their Trade-In Device, Participants must de-provision their device by following the below steps:

    • a. Sign in as an administrator to the Google Admin console;
    • b. From the presented home page, select device management – Google Meeting Room Hardware;
    • c. Under Devices, select the Chromebox you are trading in;
    • d. Expand the Calendar Assignment section
    • e. Select No Calendar assigned and click on the Save button, this will take you back to the device page.
    • f. Select de-provision;
    • g. Check the presented box;
    • h. Select ‘Different Model Replacement’ as the reason for de-provisioning the device;
    • i. Wipe the device
  2. On purchasing a Qualifying Product in accordance with these Promotion Terms, Participants must visit www.HangoutsMeetPromotions.com within 14 days of their purchase date and provide the requested information including a valid proof of purchase in order to register their Qualifying Product (Claim). Participants may also be requested to upload a photo of their purchased Qualifying product’s serial number.

  3. Upon submission and approval of the Claim, Participants will receive an email within 2 working days of Claim submission confirming approval and providing instructions on how to ship their Trade-In Device. Participants must ship their Trade-In Device as instructed within 45 calendar days of the date of purchase of their Qualifying Product. Participants shall receive a postage contribution of €12.00 for the first Trade-In Device within a Claim and an additional €5.00 for each subsequent Trade-In Device within the Claim, subject to the Claim being approved. Such contribution shall be paid with any Reward due to the Participant and shall be paid in the equivalent local currency to the Participant.

  4. Participants are eligible to receive one Reward per Qualifying Product purchased and subsequent Trade-In Device traded in. Participants are only eligible to receive a maximum of 25 Rewards in total (per Territory).

  5. If an incomplete Claim form or a non-valid proof of purchase is submitted by the Participant a notification email will be sent providing the opportunity for the Participant to submit the required items within 5 working days of the email being sent. If no reply is received within said timeframe then the Claim will be deemed invalid and rejected and the Participant shall not be eligible to receive any Reward.

  6. Upon the Trade-In Device being received by the Promoter, the Participant shall receive an email confirmation of payment of the relevant Reward via bank transfer to the bank account nominated during the Claim process. Such payment will be made within 30 calendar days of validation of the Trade-In Device. All Rewards shall be paid in the Participant’s local currency.

  7. Should the Trade-In Device fail to meet the Acceptance Criteria, Trade-In Device will be returned free of charge to the Participant.

  8. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for lost or confidential data. Upon receipt of the Trade-in Device all data will be destroyed. The Promotor is unable to retrieve any data once destroyed. Deletion of all confidential data and information, which is subject to applicable data protection legislation, is the sole responsibility of the Participant.

  9. The Promoter cannot accept liability for any Trade-in Devices that are lost, damaged or destroyed in transit. When available it is recommended that you the Participant utilises an insured postal service. The Promoter is unable to accept delivery by hand.

  10. Claims must only be submitted must only be submitted by the Participant. In no circumstances will Claims submitted by any third party on behalf of the Participant be accepted. Any such Claims will be rejected, and the Participant shall not be permitted to submit any further Claims.

  11. The Promoter reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to disqualify Claims that it considers do not comply with these Promotion Terms.

  12. The Promoter shall have the right to undertake all such action as is necessary to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid Claims including, without limitation, to require further verification from a Participant of proof of purchase, as well as the identity and other relevant details of a Participant.

  13. If a Participant returns the Qualifying Product after submitting a Claim, the Claim will be deemed invalid and cancelled.

  14. Participants who have queries relating to this Promotion should email support@HangoutsMeetPromotions.com

  15. The Promoter: Asus UK, Block 2 Eaton Court, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7TR, (please do not send any Claim applications or promotion related correspondence to this address).

  16. This Promotion shall be governed by the law of England and Wales.

  17. All information gathered under this Promotion will be processed in accordance with the Promoter’s Privacy Policy Statement available at https://www.asus.com/us/Terms_of_Use_Notice_Privacy_Policy/Privacy_Policy

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